ECONOMÍA CHILENA  is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal with the aim of disseminating research findings pertinent to the economy or significant issues related to it, emphasizing empirical content and implications for economic policymaking. The journal focuses primarily on the fields of macroeconomics, finance, and economic development. The journal boasts an autonomous editorial committee and enlists independent experts for article reviews.

The title for ECONOMÍA CHILENA (ISSN 0717-3830) has been changed in to Innovation Economics Frontiers (ISSN 3033-4144) 

All articles are reviewed by anonymous referees. 

  • Open Access: This means free for readers, with article processing charges (APC) paid by authors or their institutions.
  • Indexed in:  Scopus
  • Frequency: The magazine will be published in one volume and 4 issues per year, with a continued publication policy.
  • Acceptance rate: 23%

The content of the Innovation Economics Frontiers Journal, as well as the analyzes and conclusions derived from it, is the sole responsibility of its authors. As a journal that makes contributions at the academic level, the material presented in it does not compromise.


Code of Conduct and Publishing Ethics

We dedicated to upholding ethical publishing standards. Contributors and reviewers must adhere to the COPE Core Practices and Guidelines found on the COPE website.

Publishing Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Our publishing community is committed to upholding rigorous ethical standards. Recognizing the crucial role of academic integrity and the peer-review process, we endeavor to sustain a respected and cohesive body of scholarly work. These critical evaluations guarantee the quality of publications that academics and organizations with an interest in the field frequently cite. This community is composed of authors, journal editors, peer reviewers, and publishers.

This journal stands firmly against plagiarism, data tampering, and misattribution of authorship, implementing a zero-tolerance stance on these issues. To verify the uniqueness of submissions and utilize Ithenticate.

Our editorial team is dedicated to fostering fairness, maintaining confidentiality, and revealing any potential conflicts of interest. They are also engaged in investigative collaborations to render publishing decisions that are consistent with the journal's editorial objectives.

Editors count on reviewers to assess manuscripts expediently and impartially, to keep review proceedings confidential, and to disclose any conflicts of interest that might arise.

Authors are expected to adhere to certain principles when reporting on their research. These include ensuring the originality of their submissions, avoiding plagiarism, not concurrently submitting the same manuscript to multiple journals, crediting all sources and collaborators, and disclosing any conflicts of interest. Authors are also responsible for promptly notifying the publication of any errors in their published work to facilitate necessary corrections.

The publisher is committed to an unbiased review process and is attentive to preventing commercial interests from affecting editorial judgments.

Copyright and Open Access Declaration

We offer immediate, unrestricted open access to its publications, embracing the principle that free dissemination of research to the public fosters a wider global exchange of knowledge. The journal's works are available under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY), allowing free personal use while authors retain copyright. While articles are accessible for individual use, they are still protected by copyright and cannot be used for non-personal purposes without explicit authorization.

Notices and Promotions

The journal freely announces calls for papers and academic events such as conferences in its News & Announcements section. Opportunities for advertising are available on the journal's associated website, through email campaigns, and across social media platforms.