November 9, 2023

Dear Authors, Reviewers, and Readers,

We are writing to inform you about an important update regarding the publishing policy of Economía Chilena, the esteemed journal dedicated to advancing economic research and knowledge. After careful consideration and evaluation of the evolving needs of our community, we have decided to transition from our current publishing policy of four issues per year to a continuous publishing model.

Starting 2023, Economía Chilena will no longer adhere to the traditional schedule of releasing fixed issues throughout the year. Instead, articles that complete the peer review process will be published online as soon as they are ready. This change aims to expedite the dissemination of high-quality research and enhance the accessibility of valuable contributions to the field of economics.

We believe that this shift to a continuous publishing policy will bring several benefits to our authors, reviewers, and readers:

  1. Faster Publication: Accepted articles will be published online without waiting for the completion of a specific issue, ensuring swift dissemination of research findings.

  2. Enhanced Visibility: Continuous publication increases the visibility of individual articles, making them accessible to the global academic community as soon as they are ready for publication.

  3. Improved Flexibility: Authors will benefit from greater flexibility, as their work can be published promptly after acceptance, eliminating unnecessary delays.

  4. Efficient Review Process: The new system allows for a streamlined review process, ensuring that articles move through peer review and publication more efficiently.

  5. Real-time Updates: Readers can stay up-to-date with the latest research developments in economics through the immediate publication of new articles.

We would like to express our gratitude for your continued support of Economía Chilena. We believe that this change will enhance the overall experience for our authors, reviewers, and readers. Our editorial team is committed to maintaining the journal's high standards of quality and integrity throughout this transition.

For authors who have already submitted manuscripts under the previous policy, rest assured that your work will continue to be processed according to the existing guidelines, unless you prefer to switch to the continuous publishing model. Please feel free to contact our editorial office at [Editorial Email Address] if you have any questions or concerns regarding this transition.

We look forward to your ongoing contributions and support as we embrace this new publishing model, striving to promote innovative economic research and foster a vibrant scholarly community.

Warm regards,

Editor in chief