Cuando los flujos de capital se detienen

Barry Eichengreen (1) , Poonam Gupta (2)
(1) , Chile
(2) , Chile


The recent reversal of capital flows to emerging markets has pointed up the continuing relevance of the sudden stop problem. This paper analyzes the sudden stops in capital flows to emerging markets since 1991. It shows that the frequency and duration of sudden stops have remained unchanged, but that the relative importance of different factors in their incidence is now different. Global factors appear to have become more important relative to country-specific characteristics and policies. In addition, sudden stops now tend to affect different parts of the world simultaneously, rather than bunching regionally. Stronger macroeconomic and financial frameworks have allowed policy makers to respond more flexibly, but these more flexible responses have not mitigated the impact of the phenomenon. These findings suggest that the challenge of understanding and coping with capital-flow volatility is far from fully met.

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Barry Eichengreen
Poonam Gupta
Eichengreen , B. ., & Gupta , . P. . (2017). Cuando los flujos de capital se detienen. ECONOMÍA CHILENA, 20(2), 004–041.

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