Current Account and External Financing

Rodrigo Valdés (1) , Kevin Cowan (2) , Sebastián Edwards F. (3)
(1) , Chile
(2) , Chile
(3) , Chile


This article summarizes the most salient aspects of papers presented at the Central Bank of Chile’s Tenth Annual Conference “Current Account and External Financing” held in November 2006 and soon to be edited into an upcoming book. Many works were included oriented to improve understanding of recent trends and behavior of international financial markets and emerging economies participating in said markets. The papers, that cover both theoretical and empirical aspects, contribute elements to the comprehension of macroeconomic management in a small open economy, taking into account the main changes observed in recent years in matters relating with financial integration.

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Rodrigo Valdés
Kevin Cowan
Sebastián Edwards F.
Valdés, R. ., Cowan, K. ., & F., S. E. (2007). Current Account and External Financing. ECONOMÍA CHILENA, 10(3), 5–18.

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